The Melbourne Quiz

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Came across this on another blog and thought I might give it a go. Orignally from The Age 

Best thing about Melbourne? The diversity and character of different suburbs. Love the fact that strip shopping is alive and well in Melbourne. Eclectic St Kilda, the Fitroy cafes and shops, Jewish bakerys in Balaclava, markets in South Melbourne…. I could go on

Worst thing? Taxis – they are horrible. Drivers have no idea where to go, and some have questionable hygeine habits!

Best takeaway? Crust Pizza!

Best coffee? Brother Baba Budan in Little Bourke Street

Best restaurant? Maha

Where do you get your hair cut? Bayside Barbers in Bay Street, Port Melbourne – great blokes, good conversations

Where do you live and why? Inner northern suburbs – close to the city, but quiet where we are.

Tram or train? Train is closer if I’m going to the city, but I do like the tram as it’s very Melbourne

What do you do for fun? Attending sporting events, going to one of the many great restaurants, going to the markets

Who do you barrack for? Richmond Tigers & Melbourne Rebels

Where did you go to school? Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand

Labor or liberal? Liberal, but my non-citizen status means I can only watch and can’t vote.

Neil Mitchell or Jon Faine? Neil Mitchell – intelligent guy who knows how to initiate debate

Portsea or Lorne? Lorne

Drop-punt or torpedo? Torp, as it’s more like a rugby punt

Top three apps? Runkeeper Pro, Twitter and The Age

Describe Melbourne in three words. Food, footy and culture

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Let Us Rejoice! For We Are Young and Free!

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

3AW’s Neil Mitchell asks “Have we got Australia Day right? Or is it too try hard?”

Being a New Zealander I grew up with our national day – Waitangi Day – being somewhat lamentable. It is usually shrouded in controversy, and representative to many Maori of grievances past and present against the Crown. There is generally no real sense of nation, no patriotism, and no celebration of life in New Zealand. Their is far more reflection, and a sense of pride and thanks at ANZAC Day.

On moving to Australia I found Australia Day to be a true celebration of a country. Australians celebrate Australia day by revelling in what they think represents the best of Australia. A sunny day in January, BBQs, beaches, beers, cricket, chardonnay, Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown, and a fair smattering of the flag, and the green and gold. It was refreshing to see this after growing up in NZ and not seeing people really celebrate a national day.

I have been lucky enough to spend the 4th of July in the USA and have seen Independence Day celebrated with BBQs, speedboats, fireworks, Stars and Stripes and a healthy amount of Bruce Springsteen. Another year I was in Paris for 14 Juillet to see the French celebrate the birth of modern France in the Revolution.

Maybe things are overdone at times in Australia. Sometimes the beer swilling, singlet wearing yobbo stereotype is reinforced. Sadly sometimes the racist underbelly of Australia rears its ugly head and people confuse bigotry and national pride. Overall however people enjoy Australia Day. It’s not just a day off, but a day people can celebrate their country, and afterall this is what a national day is about.

Twitter Does Good

January 14, 2011 1 comment

It must be said that Twitter, like most social networking sites, is generally an exercise in self-indulgence and self-promotion. We tell people what we are doing, and what we like, and on occasion sharing things that may be of interest to others.

It’s been refreshing to see Twitter used in a more charitable way, to help out with the Queensland floods. As most are aware the state of Queensland in Australia has been hit by horrific flooding. There has been loss of life, and major destruction of property.

Quite a number of people have been using Twitter to help out. They have been promoting ways that people can help out, either by donation or highlighting specific people that need help. Tweets informed us that RSPCA Animal Shelters needed their animals taken in, and people obliged. People also located relatives through Twitter and the help of Tweeters.

Also a number of celebrities from Australia, New Zealand and all over the world have tweeted and re-tweeted vital information.

We have also seen microblogging from ground zero, especially the amazing photos from the likes of Patty Beecham (@pattycam).

I’m sure soon normal service will resume and we will be getting back to hearing about what people have been eating, their social lives and amusing YouTube clips. However for now we see the human spirit 21st century social networking style.

Those wanting to donate can go to

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